Our Industrial Portfolio consists of companies that provide a variety of industrial services. We have a broad knowledge of various industrial processing technologies and experienced team to provide world class engineering solutions, contract manufacturing, automation solutions, industrial equipment, numerical control products and market expansion services to our clients.

Technology Integration

From ultrasonic welding to molding we incorporate a wide variety of technologies to meet our customers’ requirements. Our experience in delivering manufacturing solutions includes integration of many types of technology and their developments over time. 

We have developed relationships with best-in-class suppliers across virtually all technologies. We’ve also developed our own technology when the requirements fall outside of commercial offerings.

Control Technology

Control systems form the backbone of every automation system, providing control for every motion, sensor and other devices that comprise the manufacturing equipment. Control systems can also provide crucial information about system performance and overall productivity.

Troop (Cypherflow) has a deep understanding of automation control, having delivered numerous systems globally. Our systems have been built on industry control standards and architectures including PLC, HMI, and PC based controls. Regardless of installation location, we have delivered automation to meet local component preferences and standards.


Our experience in the sector gives us the knowledge to select the best robot type for your particular application and environment. obots are available in a large variety of designs. From Cartesian, SCARA or articulated, multi-axis arms, we have the experience to integrate any of style of robot into your process.

Our experience also gives us the knowledge to select the best robot type for your application. Whether you are looking for a replication of a manual process, protection from hazardous environments, increased quality and repeatability, or simply programmable positioning, we can provide a solution that optimizes cost and performance.

Equipment Production

In today’s global environment—where complex technologies, spiraling costs and flexible product manufacturing strategies are making in-house equipment fabrication less and less practical—the reasons for strategic outsourcing have never been more compelling.

The team of experienced professionals at Troop have extensive expertise in equipment engineering as well as contract equipment manufacturing to help you succeed.

Packaging Automation

For low production volumes we offer small, lower priced systems with a very high degree of flexibility able to run multiple products with quick changeover. Vision inspection, stacking, case packing and palletizing options are available to maximize production efficiency, regardless of the system size.

High speed performance and reliability are critical to the success of these applications. Troop’s unique combination of light weight moving components, highly developed drive technology, and heavy duty, structural steel frames make cycle times of 4 to 5 sec. possible, even for the largest systems.

Market Expansion

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies need to focus on productivity, quality and accuracy as well as space optimization and energy savings to meet the requirements of their customers. This is why we focus on the machining process and provide time studies, feasibility studies and test cuts to develop the most competitive solution for you. 

In addition to standalone machines, we also provide you with turnkey and automation solutions integrating different machining technologies into one system. We offer you proven machining solutions from world-renowned manufacturers for various industries.

Process Technology Expertise

Selected Market Expansion Partners

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