Headquartered in Singapore with a global presence, our focus is on integrating private companies, real estate, growth equities, and partners that fit our culture and business.

Our products and services focus on industrial, healthcare and consumer sectors.

Established 1939

Shanghai No. 8 Machine Tool Factory Co, Ltd. previously Xiedatong Metal Works established as one of the first tool makers in P.R.C.

Founded 1982

Taipei Industries Pte. Ltd. was co-founded in Singapore by T.P. Yang and M.I. Hwang as a market expansion service company for industrial and FMCG.

Established 1991

Shanghai Electronics Equipment Co., Ltd. for development of EDM equipment.

Established 1993

Shanghai Troop Automation Co., Ltd. previously Kunshan Troop Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.

Established 1993

Troop Investment Pte. Ltd. established to raise capital for investment into China.

Invested 1993

First China Real Estate investment in Jiading, Shanghai.

Acquired 1996

Acquired a 100% stake in Shanghai Troop Technology Co., Ltd. previously Shanghai Hongji Machinery Co., Ltd.

Awarded 2003

TUV ISO 9001:2000 Certified

Invested 2005

Acquired a 51% stake in Shanghai No. 8 Machine Tool Factory Co., Ltd. from Shanghai Electric Group.

Invested 2006

Shanghai Troop Tooling Co., Ltd. previously Shanghai Taixin Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. for Engineering Service.

Invested 2006

Cypherflow (Beijing) Numerical Co., Ltd. for Numerical Control products.

Invested 2006

Built Troop Laboratory, Testing and Application (LTA) Technology Park.

Awarded 2008

Recognized as Enterprise50 company in Singapore.

Established 2009

Troop Healthcare with primary focus on the USA and European markets.

Established 2013

All Troop Tech Ltd. in Taiwan for FMCG.

Acquired 2018

Acquired a 100% stake in Shanghai No.8 Machine Tool Factory Co., Ltd.

Established 2020

Shanghai International Trading Co., Ltd. for FMCG.

Invested 2020

Acquired a 10% stake in Zhongke Jinhong Intelligent Co., Ltd.

We invest in the future.

Douglas Yang, Executive Director