Troop Healthcare provides strategic healthcare consulting and procurement services to help you achieve supply chain excellence and operational efficiency while improving financial performance and delivering safe, high-quality products.

Our Healthcare team works side by side with our clients and healthcare providers. We use data as a foundation and leverage industry expertise to help your organization meet your key performance indicators and achieve your strategic objectives.

Additive/3D Printing Technologies for Healthcare

Troop Healthcare, along with a leading technological university, has been developing and integrating additive manufacturing technologies for the healthcare industry.

Our development focus has been on an efficient optical resin-based platform that allows us to support medical and dental services to design surgical guides. These surgical guides are used to plan incisions in 3D imaging and planning software and manufactured with precision to allow surgeons to achieve high levels of accuracy in surgery.

Our technology has also been used to manufacture aligners used in teeth straightening applications as well as custom orthotic support used in custom-designed athletic shoes and footwear.

We are able to design and integrate additive and 3D printing technologies from hardware and software components to meet specific requirements.

Medical Devices

Troop Healthcare brings design-for-manufacturing knowledge and global contract manufacturing expertise to medical devices. We provide value-driven products at target price points.

Our expertise laid the foundations of one of the largest business-to-business exchange for the procurement of medical devices in the United States. We use our expertise to form joint-partnership with leading medical device contract manufacturers and teaching hospitals to custom-develop devices that are cost-effective. One of our customers is the national health services in the United Kingdom.

Consumables/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Troop Healthcare brings global sourcing expertise to our customers. In a rapidly-changing environment, being able to manage our supply chain effectively allows us to increase confidence in sourcing requirements.

We rely on more than a testing lab certificate to qualify a supplier. Given that a significant portion of the current raw materials and manufacturing capabilities are in China, we have a team based in Shanghai managing, and actively supporting, our China-based suppliers.

Emerging Technologies

Troop Healthcare is building on our expertise in block-chain technology from supply chain management for the healthcare sector. The combination of block-chain, telemedicine and machining learning technologies will one day be able to redesign the entire workflow from diagnostics to treatment to after-care.

Partner with Troop Healthcare

We have over 20 years in healthcare experience working with the largest healthcare organizations and manufacturers in the USA, UK and China. Let us be your global partner to provide strategic healthcare and supply chain services.